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Kazungula Bridge Cruise

From $36.00

Kuzungula Bridge Cruise

There are many Tripoints in the world but only one International Quadripoint. The four countries of Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe all meet at what’s called the Four Corners of the World.

Embark on a breathtaking adventure with our exclusive 3-hour boat cruise to the iconic Kazungula Bridge! Prepare to be enchanted as you glide along the majestic Chobe River, soaking in the mesmerizing sights and sounds of the African wilderness.

Travel by boat to where you can view all Four Countries from one location at one time. You will also see the impressive Kazangula Bridge joining Botswana and Zambia that was inaugurated in May 2021.

From $36.00


Things To Note

No Passports required.

Minimum Numbers: 4 Guests

No age restrictions. Children 11 and under 50%.

Dress: Casual, Advised to bring:

Sun Screen

Binoculars and Cameras

Warm clothes during winter, it can get cold on the river.

Experience Highlights

Viewing the only international quadripoint in the world.

Learn the facts about the amazing new Kazungula Bridge, joining Botswana and Zambia.

Enjoy snacks and refreshments during the cruise.

Enjoy the sites of the wildlife along the river bank.

Operating Schedule

Pick-up from Kasane Lodges @ +/- 10h30 am

Depart from the jetty @ +/- 11h00 am

2-Hour cruise and return to jetty @ +/- 13h00 pm

Return to your lodge by +/- 13h30 pm

Kazungula Bridge Cruise.

As we navigate through the tranquil waters, keep your camera ready to capture glimpses of the abundant wildlife that graces the riverbanks. From graceful elephants cooling off in the shallows to regal hippos lazily basking in the sun, every moment promises an unforgettable encounter with nature’s beauty.

Our knowledgeable guides will regale you with fascinating insights into the rich ecosystem of the region, pointing out indigenous bird species and sharing tales of the area’s storied past. Learn about the unique convergence of four countries – Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe – at the iconic Kazungula Bridge, where the borders meet in a remarkable display of geographical harmony.

At the bridge, marvel at the distinct quadrants representing each nation, symbolizing unity amidst diversity. Snap photos against the backdrop of this engineering marvel while relishing the sense of adventure that comes with standing at the meeting point of multiple nations.

Join us for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Africa, where every twist and turn of the river unveils a new wonder. Book your Kazungula Bridge boat cruise today and set sail on a voyage of discovery unlike any other.

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Package Includes

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