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15 Minute Microlight Flight

From $185.00

15 Minute Microlight Flight

Nothing can be quite as exhilarating as a microlight flight over the magnificent Victoria Falls, and the breathtaking views of the spectacular gorge that has been carved into the landscape over many thousands of years.

The Microlight flights offer unique, uninhibited and literally breathtaking views of the Victoria Falls and the spectacular gorge that the Zambezi River has carved into the surrounding landscape over many thousands of years.

This is an experience not to be missed… you may even feel like you have been kissed by an angel as you fly through the “smoke” of the Falls.

From $185.00


Experience Highlights

Within minutes after takeoff the Microlights are over the impressive landscape of the river and islands.



The incredible scenery of the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls.

Operating Schedule

Morning: Every 30 Minutes between 07:00 am – 10:00 am

Afternoon: Every 30 Minutes between 04:00 pm – 06:00 pm

15 Minute Microlight Flight Overview

Experience a once in a lifetime Victoria Falls Microlight Flight. Fly over the magnificent Victoria Falls and enjoy unsurpassed views of the Worlds largest waterfall. The exhilarating Microlight flights offer unique and breathtaking views of the Victoria Falls. You will also have great views of the spectacular Batoka Gorge. The gorge has been carved out over thousands of years by the Zambezi River. This is an experience not to be missed.

For safety reasons, you may not take your own camera on the Victoria Falls Microlight Flight. There is however a wing-mounted camera that is operated by the pilot during your flight. Images from your Microlight Flight may be purchased after you land. Microlight Flights may be a little too raw for you preference.

If so why not book a Helicopter Flight over the Victoria Falls. This will give you a similar experience to the Microlight Flight and fantastic views of the Falls.

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